St. Lucia is an Australian fashion boutique, owned and led by women, for women.

Our collective mission is to use our platform to implement positive change in our wider community. As a business, our core focuses are female empowerment, community support, sustainability and body positivity. This is our "WHY". 


Female empowerment is at the core of everything we do. Our mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence through employment. We firmly believe that every woman should have the opportunity to live a life that is filled with purpose and the freedom to make choices that align with her aspirations.

Body Positivity

As a brand founded and led by women, we have an unwavering commitment to celebrate and represent women from every diverse background; encompassing all shapes, ages and unique life paths. We envision a world where every woman is free to choose her own path, to wear what makes her feel confident and beautiful.


We are on a journey to incorporate sustainable changes to our business from our products to our everyday practices so you can feel good about buying from a brand which shares your values.

We prioritise pieces made from natural fibres such as linen; a fibre with a lower environmental impact than other materials. The durability of linen means your pieces can be worn time and time again, lasting for several seasons. Other lower impact fabrics we hero are cotton and cupro.

In store we have reduced our paper usage by offering digital receipts only. We plan to transition to compostable mailers for online orders to further reduce our footprint.